Antique Nepal Trek is a trek company which has been involved in the sector of tourism since 1994. It was established in 2014 by a team of dedicated and hardworking travel professionals. Antique Nepal Trek provides varieties of tour and trek packages for the visitors that includes both foreigners and domestic ones.
In a short period of time, Antique Nepal Treks has made significant progress in the field of travel and tourism as our team has been providing quality services to our clients. And we promise to continue doing so in the coming days too as we have lot of dedication and enthusiasm in our field. We want to contribute our effort in converting Nepal as the ultimate tourism destination in the world.We have been making a collective effort so that we can provide good and quality services to our clients. 
Moreover, some of the travel packages and itineraries made available by our company are quite unique ones which will help the tourists in learning and exploring more of Nepal and its rural and exotic locations. The itineraries we offer at the Antique Nepal Trek are rather comprehensive and full of adventure which will satisfy the desire of the visiting clientel.

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why travel with us?

No cut off in any services on the money you paid for the trip

Achieved license from Nepal Tourism rule.

Adjustments for hotel & resorts upgrades and downgrades with clients desire

Excellence referal on each trip, health, excellent guides, hygenic foods, emergency health care service

Trip preparation, tailor made and customized equipment list and excellent guidance.

More choices tomatch your requirement.

Different discount offers comperatively with high season and low.

By e-mail, skype and phone all addressed on your reqiurement.

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Traveller's review

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Howard USA

We traveled with Antique Nepal Treks to Bardia. Raj made all the flight/hotel/tour arrangements and it was flawless. I would recommend Raj for all of Nepal. He did our Pokhara leg and it was fine as well. Raj also does treks for groups. We stayed at the Rhino Lodge situated just outside of the Bardia park entrance. Perhaps it is 3* but the people there are wonderful and they run the generators all night. One should bring a usb modem for internet as our phone connections were unstable. We could check mail but anything else was a chore. We had a wonderful guide, did a river rafting trip, one day hike, and 2 days by jeep. We saw a lot of wildlife and the birding was spectacular. We saw only a few other travelers so I think it is worth the effort to go to Bardia instead of having to endure the crowds at the more convenient Chitwan. Bardia is hard to get to: one hour flight from Kathmandu, then 2h by jeep. It is worth the effort. We consider it worthy of a return trip.‏


Traveller's Tips

Before you book

Please be sure on the programme you want to have through us. Until you are not clear about the programme, do not hesitate to write us. You bookings are assumed as you agreed to take any of our holiday packages in the price we mentioned.

Before you travel

Your passport has to be at least valid till the length of your holiday. Prepared physically and mentally for the trip you are doing and check your international flights whether it has any changes or not. Do not forgot to visit your doctor and take advice if you are physically fit enough or not and take some first aid kits and other medicines suggested by your doctor. Contact your insurance agent and take the travel insurance.

After completed trip

Our first concern is to provide excellent service. We welcome your comments and appreciate for it. Your comments will be guidance for us and it helps us to be better and better in future so we expect your short time with us for the trip comment after you are back in Kathmandu.

Group Booking

In a group of 5 or more people Antique Nepal treks has a special price offer. If the group size is in a number of 15 people then one tour leader will get 50% discount on the total trip cost. Comparatively travelling in a group is cheaper than travelling individual.

Privacy Policy

our safety is our major concern. We do not pass your email address and passports details to any third party. It will be limited within two parties service provider and service taker. So while travelling with us you do not have to worry about your privacy.